Our customer partners include professional and acute care providers, clearinghouses, billing services, consultants and other healthcare software development companies. Our broad array of customers helps us hone the functionality, design and effectiveness of our products and services and add value to our solutions with their own experience and insight. Our customers employ and endorse Alpha II solutions in a variety of ways.


Physician practices, hospitals, long-term care and home health facilities, urgent care centers, accountable care organizations and some of the nation’s largest healthcare systems use Alpha II products. For complying with regulations, managing risk, billing and coding accurately, and obtaining appropriate reimbursement, CodeWizard offers broad capabilities in code search, E&M and ABN generation and coding and billing edits. In tandem with CodeWizard software or alone, Alpha II’s Easy Coder web-based coding software offers comprehensive solutions for providers across the continuum of care. And, Alpha II’s CMS-qualified MIPS Registry supports the need of eligible professionals and group practices to avoid negative payment adjustments by reporting on all performance categories of the Quality Payment Program (QPP).


Clearinghouses that want to ensure a reduction in denied claims for their providers evoke Alpha II’s ClaimStaker and CodeWizard functionality prior to submission of claim files to payers. By allowing providers to correct billing and coding errors prior to filing claims, revenue is enhanced and denials management is minimized. In an era of increased regulatory scrutiny, Alpha II’s Registry helps providers to avoid negative payment adjustments and meet all of their MIPS requirements.

Billing Services

Based on their trusted relationship with Alpha II, billing services and revenue cycle management companies have every confidence in interfacing to ClaimStaker. Through workflow designed to complement each billing service’s unique needs, ClaimStaker improves collection percentages, benefiting both the billing service and their provider clients. Our Easy Coder web-based coding software help billing services ensure claims are coded with specificity and accuracy. Also, Alpha II helps your provider customers to ensure they are meeting the latest CMS QPP guidelines with our Registry.


Additionally, consultants use the web-based Easy Coder software for reviewing claims for coding accuracy and compliance, and recommend these products to their clients for quick and thorough code selection.

Software Development Companies

Discovering the ease of interface or integration, software developers endorse Alpha II solutions to:

  • Improve staff productivity, quality metrics and risk management
  • Facilitate regulatory compliance
  • Ensure accurate coding and billing
  • Reduce denials
  • Avoid costly penalties
  • Obtain precise reimbursement

Building strong relationships with all our partners and addressing their specific needs in helping to provide the right solutions for their customers, Alpha II ensures success.