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What you Need to Ask your Software Venors about ICD-10

Stuart Newsome, vice president of business development for Alpha II provided crucial insights on the ICD-10 transition for a popular industry blog.

With the ICD-10 conversion rapidly approaching and the prospect for another delay fading, it’s time to talk with your software vendors. Are they ready for ICD-10? You’ll need to ask the right questions to find out what they know and to determine whether they’re ready for the big switch.

Here are seven important questions to ask your software vendors about ICD-10.


“The first critical question to ask of a software supplier is ‘what is the earliest date the ICD-10 compliant application version will be available?’” says Janice Wurz, a senior advisor at healthcare information technology firm Impact Advisors. “The sooner ICD-10- related functionality can be verified, the better.”


Asking about training is important, says Stuart Newsome, vice president of business development of Alpha II, which provides software solutions for coding, compliance and other healthcare issues. “Will there be additional cost for software training, upgrades to hardware or software, or interfaces to other systems required to receive ICD-10 codes?”