Driven by increased regulatory requirements and customer demands for greater functionality, more than 30 resellers depend on Alpha II’s ClaimStaker, the most comprehensive, clinical claim and encounter scrubbing tool, and CodeWizard, software developer’s toolkit, to enhance their electronic health records, practice management software and other healthcare information systems. Through integration with the Alpha II Registry, our partners help their physician customers remain compliant with the latest regulations and avoid CMS negative payment adjustments. Alpha II’s implementation specialists and programmers work closely with the industry’s leading developer partners to ensure efficient, effective and appropriate access to our solutions – whether it’s a quick interface or in-depth integration.

Whether a reseller needs a superior rules engine like CodeWizard or top-of-the-line claims scrubber like ClaimStaker, Alpha II offers ease of development and proven performance.

Alpha II

If the end user has access to their claims file, Alpha II also works with partners who are interested in reselling products like ClaimStaker as a standalone solution for their customers.

As vendors transition their products from ICD-9 to ICD-10, Alpha II is leveraging its 30-year success in coding excellence to help comply with the new more granular coding system. Alpha II’s unique database menu architecture facilitates locating the correct code, regardless if it’s a 5-digit number or ICD-10’s more detailed alpha-numeric coding. Instead of a diagnosis producing a laundry list of codes, Alpha II’s CodeWizard displays a grouping of solutions, facilitating the selection of a more specific description and ultimate code.

Furthermore, we arm sales representatives with the tools and ability to best position and promote our products and solutions together to clients. With steadfast training, Alpha II equips sales representatives to confidently answer customers’ questions and guide the use of the product for optimum performance.

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