Alpha II ClaimStaker is the most comprehensive clinical claim and encounter scrubbing solution for the entire continuum of care. It incorporates a full suite of edits for professional and institutional claims to improve accuracy based upon an extensive and perpetual foundation of coding and billing requirements. ClaimStaker does this by verifying claims and encounters from a payer’s perspective and replicating Medicare’s claim adjudication system including pricing calculations.

Designed to be deployed across multiple workflows within the revenue cycle allowing for corrections prior to filing. ClaimStaker’s content database I constantly being updated and improved by our dedicated team of experts, to provide the most in-depth rules engine available today. ClaimStaker enables your healthcare providers to improve claim validity and accuracy, deliver positive cash flow, maximize reimbursement, and save valuable staff time through denial prevention.

ClaimStaker does more than clear claims, it gets claims paid.

ClaimStaker Product Sheet
Product Sheet