Alpha II’s claims editing solution, ClaimStaker, is the most comprehensive clinical claim and encounter scrubbing tool available today. It is designed for both professional and institutional claims, as well as professional encounters, to improve accuracy across thousands of coding and billing requirements. ClaimStaker does this by verifying claims and encounters from a payer’s perspective, which also allows for corrections prior to filing.

ClaimStaker helps healthcare providers:

  • Improve claim validity and accuracy
  • Have a positive impact on cash flow
  • Contribute to timely reimbursement
  • Save valuable staff time with fewer denials

ClaimStaker's content database – more than 30 years in the making – is constantly being updated and improved to provide the most in-depth rules engine on the market today.

ClaimStaker’s cloud-based solution requires no private cloud installation. By uploading the ASC X12 837 claim file created by your practice management system or hospital information management system, you can be using ClaimStaker within minutes. Or, your PM or health information management system vendor may provide a more in-depth integration.

Customizable Edit Configuration

ClaimStaker has a wide range of professional and institutional edits that can be enabled or disabled for specific claim types or by individual payers. For further customization, an “edit wizard” allows users to create unique edits based on a set of parameters that trigger customized messages.

ClaimStaker Product Sheet
Product Sheet