CodingSystem from Alpha II is the powerful web-based coding tool that allows administrative and clinical staff to look up codes and perform edits all in one easy-to-use program. Because of its clinically oriented design, it helps doctors, professional coders, nurses, charge entry personnel, schedulers and consultants nationwide receive more accurate reimbursements, minimize denials, and demonstrate medical necessity and Medicare compliance. In fact, even some state Medicaid agencies use CodingSystem as an auditing tool for advanced medical decision making.

Accurate Reimbursement through CodingSystem:

Clinically Oriented Search Methodology – With CodingSystem's clinically oriented search tool, code searches more closely resemble the way patients are actually diagnosed. CodingSystem walks users through the process of selecting the correct ICD-10 CM diagnosis codes, as well as CPT®/HCPCS procedure codes. Plus, during our industry’s current transition, CodingSystem serves as an ICD-9 CM/ICD-10 CM diagnosis GEMS mapper.

Comprehensive Coding Edits – The coding edits available in CodingSystem are extensive and include the industry’s most comprehensive medical necessity library, content database, and rules engine for accurate encounter editing.

E&M Generation – Alpha II’s CodingSystem intelligently generates E&M codes based on elements for the history and exam components, as well as intelligence for the often subjective medical decision-making component.

CPT® Notes – CodingSystem provides access to CMS and Medicare CPT® notes as support for billing and coding decisions. Users can look up procedure code descriptions, RVU and fee information, modifier indicators, notes, references for further information, and more.

Finally, because CodingSystem is web-based, all updates to content, rules and features are instantaneous – with no need to install software. Turn to CodingSystem today so you can recapture valuable time and help to eliminate frustrating denials – before they happen.

CodingSystem Product Sheet
Product Sheet