Easy and Accurate ICD-10 CM coding

Easy Coder lives up to its name as the most user-friendly diagnosis code book available. Easy Coder makes coding easier and faster, while helping to improve accuracy and specificity. From large healthcare systems to small practices, the unique format makes it easy for coders, physicians, front-desk staff, and administrators to reference and assign codes.

Easy and accurate

Easy Coder features an innovative all-alphabetical format that makes code selection more efficient. Coding processes and coding rules already have been applied, so the coder can look up the diagnosis alphabetically and find the correct code in full detail, with very limited cross-referencing or additional searching.

Improves reimbursement and productivity

Because it is so easy to find the correct codes and code detail, the coder can increase specificity, make fewer mistakes, and improve coding productivity.

Available with all codes or by specialty
Easy Coder ICD-10 CM is available in a Comprehensive version with all diagnosis codes and in specialty-specific versions.

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Easy Coder Product Sheet
Product Sheet